Missed calls are missed admissions.

Addiction doesn't sleep; so why should your phone lines?

Rollover Rep offers you a dedicated 24/7 receptionist team -- so you never miss an admissions call again.

Guaranteed to increase your admissions, you can try us FREE for 10 days.


Our Service

Based on our extensive research, the average treatment center missed 5 calls per day and 150 calls per month!

We offer a solution that requires zero extra time or work from your team to ensure that no opportunity for a potential admission ever goes to a voicemail.


Our Process

We greet, acknowledge, educate and ultimately keep help-seekers interested in your program warm, relaying all crucial info over to your admissions team immediately.

Your caller is given a callback expectation, your admissions team has retained an opportunity.



We're a young, enthusiastic group of individuals working 24/7 to ensure that ethical treatment providers have a cost-effective & measurable solution to the expensive reality that are missed calls.  

Either living in the office or out of town, with zero in-between. 


Founder & CEO

Big believer in a full breakfast, daily.  Handles most of the nerdy stuff. 


Sales Support Manager

Doesn't drink coffee, never misses Thursday night trivia, real name is Miguel (we think).

Client Success & QA Manager


Former paralegal, working towards her master's degree, crazy cat lady to-be.


Receptionist Team Lead


4379 30th Street (North Park)
San Diego, CA 92104




Since early 2017, Rollover Rep has guaranteed hundreds of admissions and overs $25 mm in revenue for its clients.

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It's a complicated day and age for our industry, we don't treat the opportunity to handle your calls lightly. We sport a proven track record of being independent, secure and compliant.

Weekly reports sent to you every Monday morning, plus unrestricted access to recordings and call dispositions to-date via our real-time dashboard


We're here 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.  9am rush and all your agents are tied up?  We'll get it.  Christmas?  Yep.  New Years?  Yes again.


"Previously, I always did my best to balance the day-to-day hustle that every admissions person in the country knows far too well — fulfilling our obligation to answer every call for help, with the reality of prioritizing those with a true chance of admission.

Six months into working with Rollover Rep, we’ve increased our average census dramatically month-over-month, I’ve increased the scope of my work elsewhere in the business, and feel my work-life balance has been restored significantly.

I highly recommend the Rollover Rep team."

"Rollover Rep helped us guarantee significant revenues via several admissions after just one month of utilizing their service.

Because Ambrosia offers treatment in many different states with varying levels of care, I was interested in their ability to present accurate information appropriately.

Their agents are experts when it comes to retaining opportunities, but are also very smart about ensuring they don’t dip too much into the conversation that our internal admissions coordinators will have in follow up.

It’s this understanding that makes their assistance so tremendous.

I would encourage programs of any size and setup to trial the Rollover Rep solution."

"Simply calling people back doesn't work, and there's data to prove it.

Stop it. You have to engage immediately, or your caller will move on. This is a no-brainer."

Rob Snyder, Owner

Enlightened Solutions (NJ)

Michele Santagata, VP of Admissions

Ambrosia Treatment Centers (PA, FL, CA)

Paul Dyne, VP & Director of Admissions

Into Action Recovery Centers (TX)

Alan Boyd, President

Boyd Healthcare Marketing (FL)

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